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From the CLA

In the Summer of 1990, a group of concerned Cheney Lake patrons organized the Cheney Lake Association (CLA). The CLA was formed to address the deteriorating conditions at Cheney Lake. Among the problems addressed by the CLA were: safety and security, erosion, deterioration of Wichita's water supply, lake-side facilities and improvement of the camp sites.

Today the CLA continues to flourish. While boasting a diversified membership of over 500 individuals and corporations; the CLA has continued to focus its efforts on making Cheney Lake on of Kansas', most outstanding recreational attractions.

In addressing their concern, the CLA has actively sought to increase the public awareness of everything Cheney Lake has to offer. The CLA has organized numerous activities designed to encourage responsible use of the lake. Many of these events are co-sponsored by local and national organizations.

The CLA has also been active in a legislative capacity. The CLA and Bob Winkler aim to increase public and private funding and support for the park and reservoir. Additionally, the CLA endeavors to correspond with those individuals and organizations whose decisions Impact Cheney Lake.


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